Leveraging Data to Build Africa’s Economic Future

Q&A with Samuel Tetteh Ayer: Aspiring Data Analyst and Blossom Fellow

  1. Tell us about your background and experience with data.

I became captivated by data in December 2021 after I witnessed firsthand the application of data to make better business decisions. I have a degree in Human Resource Management and Psychology, but I pivoted to data because I wanted to understand and know more about the applications of data. It’s been a wonderful experience so far. The more I’m exposed to the power of data, the more I’m convinced there’s a lot to learn, and that motivates me to keep learning and growing my skills to become a better data professional.

  1. How has the experience been learning on DataCamp?

The DataCamp platform has been essential to my growth as a data professional. DataCamp has helped me expand my knowledge and skills using tools like SQL, Power BI, and Python. The practicality of the exercises and simplicity of the courses have benefited me, as I am able to easily transfer the skills and knowledge I gained from DataCamp to real-world projects.

  1. What new skills have you acquired through DataCamp?

Technical skills in Power BI. Even though I had some prior knowledge of Power BI before DataCamp, DataCamp has expanded my Power BI skillset, and now I can use Power BI confidently. I can now understand and write complex DAX formulas and use Power Query in Power BI thanks to the Power BI course on DataCamp.

DataCamp has also improved my critical thinking ability and attention to detail. By listening to and observing how the instructors approached various data problems in the course videos, I have developed the ability to critically assess any data problem and to pay attention to the little details that are usually the solution to the problem.

  1. What problems are you interested in solving with these skills, and why?

I believe both Ghanaian and African businesses as a whole are unable to thrive and compete in the global market because they do not make data-driven decisions. With my skills, I intend to facilitate data-driven decision-making in any business I find myself in. Leveraging the knowledge and skills I have to provide business value to the business

  1. How do you think businesses, particularly in Ghana and Africa as a whole, can make use of data analysts to increase productivity?

Businesses, particularly in Ghana and Africa as a whole, can use data analysts to enhance operational efficiency because, by analysing data, data analysts can identify inefficient processes and workflows in the business. Data analysts can help businesses increase productivity by optimising workflows to make employees more efficient.

  1. How do you think talent development companies, such as Blossom Academy, are helping bridge the tech skills gap in Africa?

Talent development companies like Blossom Academy are equipping the African youth with the in-demand tech skills African companies need to thrive. That means African youth now possess the tech skills African companies need; therefore, African companies do not have to outsource their tech needs to foreign companies.

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