The Role Of Datacamp In Data Science Talent Development

The conventional approach to learning has changed rapidly, especially after the global pandemic. Conventional approach is the traditional way of teaching wherein most of the time lecture method is used. This method of teaching is textbook-centred, teacher dominant and exam-oriented.

The emphasis here is mainly on remembering and reproducing facts, principles and theories of learning. DataCamp has been in existence since 2013 and has been one of the learning platforms using the unconventional learning approach to teach and promote data-related courses.

DataCamp is an online learning platform that provides individuals with the opportunity to learn data skills at their own pace, from non-coding essentials to data science and machine learning. DataCamp provides learners with a unique learning methodology where students learn through interactive courses, practice what is learnt through quick daily challenges, assess themselves by testing skills learnt and track progress

DataCamp provides learners with a chance to apply what is learnt by solving real-world problems.

On DataCamp there are a plethora of courses that usher you into your data career. Introductory courses for beginners, intermediate courses to help brush up your skills and advanced courses that provide you with in-depth knowledge and sharpen your data skills.

Datacamp has been a good learning resource in my journey to become a data scientist. I enrolled in their Data Science and Machine Learning tracks and I must say they have been great. I cannot say I remember everything after I’ve learnt but it’s a good-enough introduction for me to build on. I’ve found their Workspace to be also very useful as well as their Assessments and Skill challenges. Overall, I’d say Datacamp has been very good to me and would encourage everyone to try it out as well. – Andrew Mensah Onumah, Alumni of Blossom Academy.

DataCamp has partnered with community development organizations on DataCamp Donates to ensure free access for individuals who need them the most. DataCamp’s ground-breaking education technology is removing the financial hurdles that keep ambitious data scientists from realizing their dreams. Some of these organizations include Blossom Academy- which is providing students with the opportunity to learn at their own pace on DataCamp to acquire more knowledge at no fee.

Students who have had the opportunity to go through Datacamp as a result of their enrollment at Blossom Academy have a number of success stories. They speak about how beneficial the platform has been to them in their data journey.

“Datacamp has invested a lot of time and creativity into building a rich and engaging platform for learning data-related skills. The curation of courses, the integration of Workspace and the mobile app experience all come together to make learning both rewarding and exciting. I benefited greatly from using DataCamp during my time at Blossom Academy and I hope other Blossomists get to make the most out of it.” – Selorm Tamakloe, Alumni of Blossom Academy.

To close the rising global digital skills gap, data training is more critical than ever. For those who stand to benefit the most, DataCamp Donates gives free, on-demand access to data training on every continent.
“DataCamp helped me build my career in data science. To date, I still visit it whenever I’m working on some projects. I like the fact that it has an inbuilt python workspace. The instructors are also good, especially at breaking down the points for easy understanding. The exercises are also very well related to what is taught so it helps to practice whatever you have learnt”. – Akwesi, Alumni of Blossom Academy.

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