Industry Leaders Hire Blossom Academy Grads

We find incredible talented youths across Africa and teach them how to code, collaborate, communicate, and learn new skills — to become highly valuable data professionals.

How can we source interns for you?

We connect grads to the most innovative companies through a rather straightforward — and dare we say, easy — process.

Our global team cultivates the right talent by preparing students through our full-time and part-time  programs to develop leadership skills, management skills and in-demand data skills to excel in their respective tech careers.

You reach out to us because you need data analysts and data scientists. Our Talent team works directly with you to identify skills gaps and define candidate profiles.

You send us your job description(s). Our Partnerships team expedites the screening process by recommending qualified Blossom Academy graduates that meet the requirements of your specific data roles.

We help you fill your most critical data roles. Your business then embarks on a talent-led transformation journey.

Your company unlocks a new recruitment strategy that moves your business forward — at no cost. Our interns helps you achieve your transformation goals.

Our Partners: Reaping Talent Rewards

The #1 benefit of becoming a Blossom Academy partner? Preferred access to the most driven interns from each cohort, needed for successful, sustainable innovation.

Where Our Graduates Work

…and so many more across industries and around the world.