Blossom Academy partners with Digital Africa to Provide Data Skills Across West Africa

Blossom Academy is a recognized pioneer in data-related training within Ghana and Nigeria, paving the way for untapped African talents to cultivate essential data skills. In collaboration with Digital Africa, our impact expands this year as we embark on the Talent 4 Startups initiative, aiming to train 70 Fellows. This program, under the sponsorship of Digital Africa, supports the training of talents in tech and digital professions across the continent.

Talent 4 Startups, a program that supports talent training in tech and digital professions across Africa, covers the costs of training in high-demand sectors. It facilitates connections between talents and start-ups, enhancing young people’s employability while addressing the ecosystem’s skills needs.

This initiative aims to equip startup employees with crucial Data Science skills, enabling their organizations to realize the value of data. Simultaneously, the program provides Data Analytics training to unemployed individuals, empowering them to enter the dynamic job market and establish sustainable livelihoods, fostering impactful contributions wherever they go.

Aligning with Digital Africa’s mission of fostering inclusive and sustainable development by supporting tech entrepreneurs in Africa, this collaboration serves as a stage for immersive practical training. It readies individuals to be contributors ready for the industry, aligning with their respective countries’ development objectives. Blossom Academy, steadfast in its commitment to positively impact the lives of young individuals, also advances its objectives of reaching undiscovered African talents through this funding, ushering in a fresh wave of emerging data professionals.

Fellowship Highlights

This exciting partnership will engage 70 individuals in comprehensive Data Analytics and Data Science training. The Fellowship program includes 25 unemployed youths undergoing a rigorous 12-week Data Analytics training with subsequent internships lasting three months. Additionally, 45 startup employees from various sectors  will undergo training in Data Science. The Data Science training program is designed for startup employees in both Ghana and Nigeria.

Having successfully partnered with Digital Africa in 2022, Blossom Academy trained 20 unemployed Fellows and 25 underemployed Fellows, witnessing their success as data professionals across Africa. This renewed partnership aims to intensify efforts to create a significant impact in the lives of more young talents across Ghana and Nigeria who are deserving of this unique opportunity. 

Speaking about the partnership, the Director of Blossom Academy expressed excitement, stating, “We are delighted to partner once again with Digital Africa. Their mission aligns perfectly with our vision at Blossom Academy.” He added, “This year, we aim to provide scholarships to over 200 deserving talents, making data skills and education more relevant, accessible, and impactful. This goal wouldn’t have been possible without our partnership with Digital Africa.”

The training sessions are structured to include both online and in-person, fostering an authentic community amongst our Fellows.


Since 2019, Blossom Academy has been empowering African youths from low-income backgrounds with the skills to become data professionals, connecting them with the most in-demand jobs on the continent. Through partnerships with philanthropic organizations, governments, and development agencies, Blossom Academy maintains an impressive 90% career placement rate on average per cohort.

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