AI/Data Science Fellowship Program for Women

Blossom Academy proudly introduces a fully-sponsored Fellowship program tailored for women with or without prior coding experience in Data Science and AI. Specifically designed for unemployed women residing in Ghana, this program aims to empower participants with essential skills in AI and Data Science. Selected Fellows will have the unique opportunity to apply these skills, including Advanced Excel, SQL, Power BI, and Python Programming, to real-world industry projects, regardless of their academic background.

This Fellowship serves as a gateway for women to learn sought-after skill sets, enhancing their marketability in today’s rapidly evolving job market.

With a comprehensive training program, participants will be guided from zero coding knowledge to proficiency in Machine Learning. We intentionally welcome individuals from diverse fields, emphasizing the universal applicability of these skills across various industries. Join us in this transformative journey to unlock new opportunities and excel in the realms of AI and Data Science.

Training Phase: 4 months | Internship Phase: Up to 6 months. 
Mode of Training: Virtual & In-Person [Blended] 
Deadline to Apply: January 3rd, 2024, 2pm GMT.

Sorry, we have closed Applications for the fellowship program.

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